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The streets of Vienna – THE ALTERNATIVE GUIDE

I don’t know about other travelers, but for me the best parts of a city are the back alleys and the least-vistied place. Of course I enjoy the main landmarks, but I avoid public transportation (yes, I did that even before Corona Virus) and I enjoy walking from place to place, habit that enables me to discover some hidden gems.

Vienna was my first international trip when I was a kid, and I have been there a couple of times since then, and even though the city center is by all means a beautiful place, I got bored of it pretty fast. This past summer I spent a month in Austria by myself and went to Vienna four times, looking for some fun places to hang out, and I discoverd the Donau Kanal and Prater Park. So if you are like me and try to find places with street art, young people and amazing nightlife, look no more. Just by taking a walk on the Danube Canal (Donau Kanal) you are likely to meet some cool locals or find other tourist to hang out with. Also after you meet you new buddies you can take them to Prater Sauna for a night to remeber ( or forget, if you have too much fun). Pro tip: Take your swim suit as they have an amazing pool.

So that being said, let’s get to business. I decided to do a ten photo series of some of my favourite cities around the world, and less touristic places I enjoyed the most. As you might have gussed, Vienna will be the first one.

After years of solo traveling, I think I mastered the art of taking pictures of myself. This one I took on a walk on the Donau Kanal.
The street art on the Canal is truly amazing. You can easily call it an open air art gallery.
The crazy facade of one of the well known clubs in Vienna, Flex.
Some street art around Flex Club.
Colourful building near Erdberg Bus Station. My bus to Maribor was delayed so I explored the area and found this architectural gem. I must say the area is full of contrasts and surpises.
Arena Wien is also a must-see if you wanna visit something autentic. They have concerts, theatre performances and during summer an open-air cinema.
Other side of the Arena. It was part of the industrial sector in Sankt Marx district and used to be an abattoir before it was turned into a cultural center.
The pool at Prater Sauna, people chilling before a unforgetable psy party.
I can not stress it enough, but if you want to have fun in Vienna go to Prater Sauna. I went to the party there at 3PM, got a tan, played volleyball with strangers, danced to some dub music by the pool and then danced all night inside to some psy music, and left next morning.

So I hope you enjoyed this off the beaten path, alternative, guide to Vienna.

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