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Bangkok street food and markets – Bangkok travel itinerary (day 4)

If you consider yourself a foodie then you are going to love what Bangkok has to offer! I was delighted by the variety of foods and places you can eat (literally at every corner). Of course there are some obvious must-try meals like a good old Pad Thai, and some odd touristy snacks like fried ( burnt?) scorpions and bugs, but surely you are not going to get bored.

My first recommendation is to eat where the locals eat, you know, when in Rome do what the romans do. Local restaurants are the best choice for a few obvious reasons such as the low prices and good quality. Those places are everywhere outside the main touristic areas, but if you go on a back alley you are likely to find some around major attractions. The price range for a meal should be around 50-100 baht ( 1.4-2.7 euro) and a non-alcoholic drink should be around 30 baht ( 0.8 euro). Local restaurants sometimes lack variety, as you can mostly find some Pad Thais and Curries, but some may pleasantly surprise you. My favourites can be found on Samsen 4 Alley ( all meales cost 50 baht and you get to watch thai dramas on tv, it is a WIN) and the second one can be found on Sukhumvit Road near the Marriott hotel and the BTS station ( a place that serves all kind of duck dishes- their 70 baht duck noodles are to DIE for). Those are only two out of thousands of such places, so you have to go out, explore and find your favourites.

Of course Bangkok is famous for street food, which can be found pretty much everywhere and the choices are endless. I loved walking in Bangkok over other means of transportation because I always found something delicious to snack on. One of my favourite experiences in Bangkok was the area around Khao San coming to life around dawn and during the night, all the smells and the colours of the food, the frying sound, vendors trying to sell their food and the overall crazyness of the city combined so perfectly made me love the city. Out of the street food I tried ( and it was a lot) my favourites are the BBQ with soy and honey, mango sticky rice and ALL the fruits ( even Durian and of course my favourites Dragon Fruit and Papaya). The above mentioned are a must-try and you can not leave Thiland without giving them a chance.

Another great place to find food is the malls and food courts. As I am not a big fan of shopping and I kinda hate malls, I avoided those places, but if it is your cup of tea you can surley find something yummy there.

Now that you know the places where you should eat, lets move on to the places you should avoid. Firstly I would not recommend eating at the Weekend Market or any other busy place full of turists for that matter. My personal experience was horrible, most of the restaurants were full, we tried two overpriced places and both of them had obviously expired food. Even if the food is eadible those places tend to be touruist traps and are way overpriced. Western restaurants were another no-no for me, not because there is somethig wrong with them, except the fact that they also have western prices, but I think it would be a better idea to indulge in the local cuisine.

Before you go, I would like to give you one more tip: Go to the nearest 7/11 and buy all the crazy snacks you can find. Some are amazing, some are terrible, but you have to try them and decide for yourself.


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